A 3 Generation Pedigree of I.M.K.B.B. Sandstorm
ParentsGrandParentsGreat Grandparents
  CH Bonjor Chipper
 CH Bonjor Hominy Grits 
CH Mianda's Ghingas Khan CH Laurell's Honey 'N Grits
CH Mianda's Stoney Comet
 Mianda's Pebble Pusher 
  Mianda's Tinker Toy
CH Merry's Grumpy
 CH Mianda's Butcher Boy 
Mianda's Token of Friendship CH Mianda's Tinkerbell
CH Moonshadow Onyx Warrior
 Mianda's Onyx Token 
  Fahey's Sweet Token


Please be aware that Katsation is no longer breeding pugs.

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B.B. had 4 Male Fawn Colored Puppies on 8/6/99!
Photos of B.B. Puppies Taken on 9/7/99 Page 1, Page 2

Winnie's last Litter - 10 Weeks old Puppies   [ Pugs and Kitties ]
B.B.'s February Litter - A Beautiful Fawn Colored Puppy

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