Katsation Pugs


B.B. x Bud Lite Pup

4 Fawn Color Males
Born 8/6/99, these photos were taken when they were 1 month old.
They are all sold

Fawn Colored Pugs

Fawn Colored Pug Puppies

Fawn Colored Pug Puppies

Mother: I.M.K.B.B. Sandstorm Pedigree.
Father: Endevors Bud Lite of Mianda Pedigree.
(an 80k jpg file)


Please be aware that Katsation is no longer breeding pugs.

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B.B. had 4 Male Fawn Colored Puppies on 8/6/99!
Photos of B.B. Puppies Taken on 9/7/99 Page 1, Page 2

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B.B.'s February Litter - A Beautiful Fawn Colored Puppy

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